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[Unichat log --]
/setalias --alias="Juss Wondrin"
/plugin on @FRWL-MT-SLGHMR --channel=neural-link-1345
/join #neural-link-1345
(13:12)System: Now joining #neural-link-1345.
/log encrypt --stealth
(13:12)System: The log for #neural-link-1345 is being encrypted with Padlock's public key. Stealth mode: suppressing this message from everyone besides you and server ops.
(13:12)Padlock: So, uh... is your name a play on "Mystery" or "Meal Ready to Eat"?
(13:12)MrE: Oh, very perceptive! Definitely the former, but I've spent enough time in the army to be amused by the latter. May I ask who you are?
(13:13)ItsDuckKingKarl: I was wondering the same thing
(13:14)Padlock: Oh, no one in particular!
/log no-encrypt --stealth
(13:14)System: Further messages in this channel are no longer being encrypted. Stealth mode: suppressing this message from everyone besides you and server ops.
[Unichat log --]
/join #vague-omniscience-council
(13:16)System: Now joining #vague-omniscience-council.
(13:16)Padlock: Well, Operation Say Hi To MrE ended with me panicking so badly I disconnected.
(13:16)Arbiter: That's not good...
(13:16)Padlock: I should have realized Karl would be there. I don't think they ID'd me or anything, but still...
(??:??)Xenocartographer: Maximize information throughput.
(13:17)Padlock: Huh?
(??:??)Xenocartographer: Debugging. Thoughts complicated. Wrong reality.
(13:18)Padlock: Uh, okay...
(13:18)Mini_coopa2: Is he okay?
(13:18)Arbiter: It happens from time to time. No one really knows what his deal is :/
(13:18)Arbiter: He just lets this channel exist in whatever weird trans-universal space it exists in.
(13:18)Arbiter: Are you still going to talk to UR?
(13:19)Padlock: Yeah, in a bit.
[Unichat log --]
/setalias --alias="One past, one future"
(13:25)System: Alias set. Note that users of moderator rank or above may bypass your alias.
/message Unum_Relicuum I've heard great things about your organization. Can I join?

(13:26)System: User Unum_Relicuum is initiating a private chat.
(13:26)Unum_Relicuum: You hear it too, huh?
(13:27)Padlock: The whispers of the apocalypse rising from the ashes? Yeah.
(13:27)Unum_Relicuum: :)
(13:28)Unum_Relicuum: Purely as a matter of curiosity, where did you hear that phrasing?
(13:28)Padlock: I don't know. It came to me in a dream, I think.
(13:28)Unum_Relicuum: Interesting...
(13:30)Unum_Relicuum: As Fate would have it, you're not the first person of late to demonstrate advance knowledge of our organization's inner workings despite a lack of previous contact. Is Gaia relaying information somehow, or do we have the causality backwards? Either option is troubling.
(13:30)Padlock: Truly, we live in interesting times.
(13:31)Unum_Relicuum: Well said. I wonder if even our accelerated timetables will prove fast enough.
(13:31)Padlock: ?
(13:31)Unum_Relicuum: Never mind. So, you've heard good things?
(13:33)Padlock: Well, I've always liked the idea of nuking infidels, and your opposition to Orlov's practices is pretty cool.
(13:34)Unum_Relicuum: I'm afraid that resistance isn't as unified as it may seem. Many of the faithful have been taken in by his promises of comfort. The harshness of Russian winters did provide an obvious vector for recruitment, but he is subtle.
(13:34)Padlock: :(
(13:35)Padlock: I've also heard something about... well, this is another thing half-remembered from a dream, so forgive me if I'm talking nonsense, but "shatterpoints"?
(12:38)Unum_Relicuum: How much do you know about them?
(12:38)Padlock: Not much. As I said, the word came to me in a dream. It keeps coming, but never any clearer.
(12:38)Unum_Relicuum: Hm...
(12:38)Unum_Relicuum: We must delve into this. If you truly hear as you say, I have reason to be disturbed.
(12:38)Unum_Relicuum: Is there anything they seem to be associated with? A color, perhaps, or a smell?
/message Seabiscuit I'm talking to UR about shatterpoints and I'm not sure she's buying it. I'm going to try making [censored] up. If you see this and can get back to me with any pointers, that would be great.
(12:39)Padlock: No, not particularly. I guess it's often followed by an image of large-scale destruction, but that's what most of the dreams are like anyway.
(12:39)Unum_Relicuum: How large-scale?
System: Incoming private message from user Seabiscuit:
(12:39)Seabiscuit: I've been trying to get info about those, too D: I dunno, trust your gut! If a silly dork of a biscuit can win her trust, I'm sure you'll do fine.
(12:41)Padlock: Cosmic scale. The end of the world.
(12:42)System: Unum_Relicuum invited active user __RSPTN__ to join this anonymous channel.
(12:42)System: Unum_Relicuum invited active user Seabiscuit to join this anonymous channel.
(12:42)Unum_Relicuum: I'm afraid this is something we must discuss more closely.
System: Incoming private message from user Seabiscuit:
(12:42)Seabiscuit: woah it you
/message reply Yeah... Hang on, I'm going to see if I can get some of this intel out, in case something bad happens to either of us. Let's see if dream!Sonja's hacks still work...
/plugin @ip-tracer --user=Unum_Relicuum
/setalias --alias="Good Samaritan"
/message BBC_Official I have an anonymous tip on the potential location of Unum_Relicuum.
/message BBC_Official--file=@ip-tracer.log
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[Unichat auxiliary records --]
Arbiter: Well, I really want to see how this conversation goes.
At the very least, I'll get to see the records for tealest page in Unichat and bluest page in Unichat broken at the same time. edit delete reply
Nanedex: I've got a feeling that anonymous tip is going to backfire.. edit delete reply
Padlock: "No one in-particular"? Juss Wondrin was more than that, Juss was a family man struggling to keep his father's bakery business afloat, while balancing time with his kids after he lost his wife to a bakery-truck related accident that he blames himself for (if only he had remembered the parking breaks). Juss was a fan of classical music, a supporter of his local school sports team, and he loved asking random questions to strangers on ultra secure neural-link servers. To me: Juss was very much, someone in-particular.
I think I went a little too far with my alias' backstory... edit delete reply
Padlock: There is only one way out of a lie: lie more.
Unum; Gaia does not speak to - but through, me! They have told me that I have been chosen as their prophet! I am their herald of the endtimes!
If they don't believe me; just spout quotes from the story of Cassandra, that feels like something I'd do... edit delete reply
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