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[Unichat log --]
/join #vague-omniscient-council
(06:39)System: Now joining #vague-omniscient-council.
(06:39)SansOfTheUnderground: okay, this is weird. it looks like my last message to meta didn't go through...
(06:39)Padlock: Could it just be server lag?
(06:39)SansOfTheUnderground: maybe, but i didn't get a warning about it
(06:40)SansOfTheUnderground: and if xeno's right and unichat uses etamnanki...
(06:40)SansOfTheUnderground: whatever that is, it lagging sounds bad.
(06:40)Xenocartographer: No, there are mundane parts of the system, too. Actually, a very small percentage of Unichat traffic touches Etamnanki... and even that which does has to get to the server on Earth first. Otherwise, you'd need Etamnanki-compatible hardware to access it, which wouldn't be exactly great for market share.
(06:40)Arbiter: What was your message about, Sans?
(06:40)SansOfTheUnderground: uhm...
(06:40)SansOfTheUnderground: it was long, kind of surreal, and about dream sonja.
(06:41)Padlock: Dream Sonja?
(06:42)Arbiter: Did it begin with "ok, before i start, i just have to make one thing clear"?
(06:43)Arbiter: @Padlock SecundaSonja. She got that name from contacting regular Sonja in her dreams.
(06:43)SansOfTheUnderground: yeah, actually. how did you know that?
(06:43)Padlock: Right, right, I remember that. Hey, any idea why she's using the same username as Athena?
(06:43)Arbiter: You accidentally posted that here.
(06:43)SansOfTheUnderground: [censored]
(06:43)Arbiter: @Padlock Nope.
(06:43)SansOfTheUnderground: how did that happen?
*(06:44)Arbiter shrugs.*
(06:44)SansOfTheUnderground: well... is it safe to put it in meta's chat now? look at the timestamps. aren't we in their past by a few hours... for some reason?
(06:45)Xenocartographer: Yes, but it's safe. If you want to know more, there's one obvious way to find out!
(06:45)SansOfTheUnderground: aaaaaarrrgggghhhh
[Unichat log --]
/query metampsychotic

(06:46)System: Initiating private chat with active user metampsychotic.
(06:46)SansOfTheUnderground: ok, before i start, i just have to make one thing clear.
this is not real life.
this is a story, and some of it might be inaccurate, and some of it might be missing, and some of it might be just plain wrong.
take it with a pinch of salt. yes, it's important. yes, you'll want to hear it all.
once upon a time
suppose some people tried to take over the world.
and suppose some other people fought them and foiled them and tried and failed to, and they fought within themselves for more future control, and wow that was a lot of fs
people have compared to it to chess, but i prefer to compare it to risk
like a giant game of risk, only with the moon to play for too, and mind control and ais and time travel armies and the players make and break rules and team up and backstab each other
a really, really realistic game, with everyone you know and everyone you don’t in, friends and family and all.
actually, a dream would probably be a better analogy...
suppose sonja in the dream made an ai, like in all the science fiction novels
and suppose one of the risk players wanted to get a new shiny piece, a new army, for example... an ai.
and the player wasn’t a very nice person.
and suppose, just hypothetically, purely in the realm of thought, that that metampsychotic randomly got the thought from no one at all to beep her good friend, dream-sonja.
what would that meta do?
(14:09)metampsychotic: woah, response
(14:09)metampsychotic: i'm not sure how i missed this :(
(14:09)metampsychotic: but uhm... i'm not sure what you're getting at, nor why you know so much about my life
(14:10)metampsychotic: i'm 97% sure i've never talked to sonja in my dreams, though
(14:10)metampsychotic: that doesn't even happen outside of sci fi movies!
(14:11)SansOfTheUnderground: oh...
(14:11)metampsychotic: :/
(14:12)metampsychotic: are you trying to say sonja's in danger?
(14:12)metampsychotic: possibly related to admiral pancake?
(14:12)SansOfTheUnderground: why don't you see what dream sonja has to say?
(14:13)metampsychotic: i don't know what you mean :(
(14:14)SansOfTheUnderground: maybe it will come to you in a dream...
[Unichat log --]
(??:??)SecundaSonja: I think someone's talking about me.
(??:??)pwnz0rz: yup, i feel the wave 2
(??:??)pwnz0rz: i wonder if they are brought up past me
(??:??)pwnz0rz: looks like not yet
(??:??)SecundaSonja: Do you think they're about to?
[Unichat log --]
/message pwnz0rz if you think pancake might be onto something, why not listen to him?
System: Incoming private message from user pwnz0rz:
(14:14)pwnz0rz: b/c its pancake
System: Incoming private message from user pwnz0rz:
(14:14)pwnz0rz: imean we ddid talk 4 a while but
System: Incoming private message from user pwnz0rz:
(14:14)pwnz0rz: its pdncake
System: Incoming private message from user pwnz0rz:
(14:14)pwnz0rz: pnacake*
System: Incoming private message from user pwnz0rz:
(14:14)pwnz0rz: so...
(14:14)metampsychotic: hm, maybe
(14:15)metampsychotic: i guess we'll see!
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[Unichat auxiliary records --]
Xenocartographer (Official Note): So, to prevent another debacle like this, I'm going to suggest sticking "@metampsychotic" or whatever at the front of comments you intend to show up in a channel. I won't necessarily include that part unless it makes narrative sense (in this case, it wouldn't, because there's no one else in the channel), but it will make it clear to me.

Don't do interactive comics, kids. They're weird and complicated, and sometimes [censored] [censored]s your [censored] up.
Turquoise: ........... edit delete reply
Turquoise: Page 98, Aka: "T minus any moment now"
as copy/pasted

Turquoise: @SecundaSonja: I believe interlopers is a bit strong of a word for them. People hear words like 'superweapon' and 'new-world order' and start panicing. They just want to know what's going on. So if it would be alright, may I ask a question or 2? It'd probably help you from going str-crazy if nothing else.
Why is z0 a problem if they've already figured it out? I mean, unless z0 is forced into something they wouldn't do it if they didn't want to, right?
Xenocartographer: Is this intended as a PM?
Turquoise: Is that how it works?
SansTheComic: is this another one of those question chains with no answers?
Dellis: I believe it is intended as a PM, it just didn't use the usual syntax. edit delete reply
Arbiter: So, like, did we just [dramatic echo]ALTER THE TIMELINE[/dramatic echo]?
Also, the fact that 2onja and pwnztiem can apparently sense when people are talking about them is interesting, as is the fact that Etamnanki is implied to have more servers besides the one on Earth.
PS I like your @user proposal. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Not exactly. If you'd truly altered it, meta would have seen Sans' message before mentioning the "spam" to pwnz. No, this is something similar, but stranger. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Well, if you have more to say to meta, go ahead and reply back to her! edit delete reply
SansOfTheUnderground: no, it's just... that's not what i... arghhhh. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Here, why don't you PM me on the forum? edit delete reply