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Updates Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 PM EST
[Unichat log --]
(11:44)ItsDuckKingKarl: I just don't want an N^2 algorithm in our main control loop >_>
(11:45)ReverseTheStreams: Have you run the benchmarking? We're talking five, maybe six nodes tops - time per iteration matters more than complexity class here!
(11:45)ItsDuckKingKarl: That's true now, but we'd be baking that in a as dependency
(11:45)ItsDuckKingKarl: We're already running into limits of our memory emulation - if anyone ever ticks up MAX_TOPIC_STACK_DEPTH you're benchmarking goes out the window
(11:45)ItsDuckKingKarl: your*
(11:46)dukerex: carl, no disrespect, how tf do you remember that
(11:46)dukerex: i mean, i'm pretty sure i wrote that and i can't
(11:47)ItsDuckKingKarl: Amphetamines
(11:47)ItsDuckKingKarl: Not really, I just do
(11:48)dukerex: anyway, as cool it is watching you to talk nerdy to eachother, isn't this what you brought in the new kid for?
(11:49)ReverseTheStreams: Haha, he has a point!
(11:49)dukerex: wow
(11:49)dukerex: she admits it
(11:50)dukerex: not quite to my face but
(11:50)dukerex: still pretty sure that's a first :p
(11:50)ReverseTheStreams: Oh, hush, dear.
(11:51)dukerex: and she didn't slap me
(11:51)dukerex: who are you and what have you done with my wife
(11:51)dukerex: i'll fight you
(11:51)*ReverseTheStreams sighs.*
(11:52)ReverseTheStreams: Charles, I'll agree to bracket the refactoring until Sonja weighs in it.
(11:52)ItsDuckKingKarl: Sure
(11:53)System: User OITHEOI is joining is joining #heuristic-rpg.
(11:53)ItsDuckKingKarl: Anything else?
(11:53)ItsDuckKingKarl: Hey Theo
(11:54)ReverseTheStreams: Hey, what's up, man?
(11:54)ReverseTheStreams: Nah, I think we're good, Charles!
(11:54)OITHEOI: Good morning :)
(11:55)OITHEOI: Not much, just checking in. What's new on the development end?
(11:56)ReverseTheStreams: Haha, we completed our new acquisition~
(11:56)ItsDuckKingKarl: Rev persuaded us to bring in her friend Sonja
(11:56)ItsDuckKingKarl: Yeah, that
(11:57)ReverseTheStreams: Hey, just as a matter of curiosity, is there a reason you care so much about extensibility? I mean, don't get me wrong, with how generous your funding's been you could ask me to write [censored] PHP and I wouldn't mind - I'm just curious if you've got bigger plans later, if you don't mind me asking.
(11:58)OITHEOI: Nothing in particular, no. I just like to keep my options open.
(11:59)ReverseTheStreams: ...suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure
(11:59)ReverseTheStreams: You just kinda casually asked for compatibility with some ancient Python 3 APIs for "[n]othing in particular" :P
(12:00)OITHEOI: ...those modules happen to be used in other products of mine, there's nothing more to it than that.
(12:01)ReverseTheStreams: Haha, okay, sorry for being nosey.
(12:01)OITHEOI: It's fine. And for the record, I appreciate your flexibility.
(12:02)ItsDuckKingKarl: Well, you're paying for it
(12:02)ItsDuckKingKarl: :P
(12:02)dukerex: oh, by the way
(12:02)dukerex: those nerds fixed the null pointer in language disambiguation
(12:02)OITHEOI: Oh, excellent!
(12:03)ReverseTheStreams: Hey, there's another curiosity. I really don't see that coming up terribly often, not if someone's using our APIs properly.
(12:03)OITHEOI: Once again, it's just business concerns, nothing more. I'm not some kind of shady evil genius planning to take over the world with AIs or something.
(12:04)dukerex: sounds like something an evil genius would say
(12:04)ReverseTheStreams: Always take over Australia, that's my advice.
(12:05)dukerex: oh god no
(12:05)ItsDuckKingKarl: ?
(12:06)dukerex: a board game
(12:06)ReverseTheStreams: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Risk_(game)
(12:07)dukerex: yeah that
(12:08)OITHEOI: I'll pass it on to my bank of evil world domination computers. Anyway, if there's nothing else, I have some news from the business end.
(12:09)ReverseTheStreams: Good, I hope?
(12:10)OITHEOI: Hardly. I've heard word that a competitor of mine is moving into the same space we are.
(12:11)dukerex: [censored]
(12:11)OITHEOI: Exactly.
(12:11)OITHEOI: Now, I know the man pretty well, and he doesn't have the technical capacity to compete with us... but he's a brilliant social engineer.
(12:12)OITHEOI: So, take care with who you talk to, is all I'm saying. If someone identifies themself as an interested investor, potential customer, or whatever, be welcoming, but don't give out any technical details. It's very possible that it's him or one of his agents.
(12:13)ItsDuckKingKarl: This feels awfully cloak and dagger
(12:13)ReverseTheStreams: Agreed. Respectfully, Theo, that's just good common sense.
(12:13)OITHEOI: Yes, but you haven't had to go up against Pancake. He's very wily.
(12:13)OITHEOI: I'm sorry to put you on the spot like this.
(12:14)dukerex: pancake?
(12:14)OITHEOI: Unichat profile: Admiral Pancake
(12:14)OITHEOI: I'll be honest, I'm not sure where he got that nickname. He guards his personal details very closely, the better to facilitate his borderline criminal business practices.
(12:15)ReverseTheStreams: Holy [censored]. Hey, uhm, if there's a maybe-criminal trying to steal our data, maybe it's better if you handle the PR stuff for a while. We're a bunch of code geeks and a monkey.
(12:15)OITHEOI: Perhaps it is. For what it's worth, I'm sorry you've been dragged into this.
(12:15)dukerex: ook
(12:15)ItsDuckKingKarl: It's alright
(12:16)ItsDuckKingKarl: It's not like you asked him to try to steal our plans
(12:16)dukerex: yeah
(12:17)OITHEOI: Thank you all for being so understanding. It's very, very appreciated.
(12:18)ReverseTheStreams: Haha, not all devs are unaware of business realities, just most of us. :P
(12:18)dukerex: someone's going to have to tell sonja
(12:18)ItsDuckKingKarl: Oh, [censored], he's right
(12:19)ReverseTheStreams: Eh, I'll do it. She seems pretty easy-going, it shouldn't be a problem.
(12:19)ItsDuckKingKarl: Thanks
(12:20)dukerex: hey theo, is this going to affect our release timeline?
(12:21)OITHEOI: It shouldn't, but we'll all need to stay on our toes. Assuming no data breaches, we should be fine.
(12:21)OITHEOI: Forgive me if this is obvious, but speaking of: Duke, please make sure your development server is up to spec security-wise.
(12:22)dukerex: yeah, on it
(12:22)dukerex: [censored] me
(12:22)dukerex: this has not been my best day ever, y'know?
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Xenocartographer (Official Note): So sick Xeno forgot to upload Monday's update. D: My deepest apologies, y'all... In other news, have some shady shenanigans.
Seabiscuit: Pfffheheheeh, that "amphetamines" line still makes me snicker. And OITHEOI sus/10 edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: "I'm going to introduce a new character. What's their angle on ruining the world?" ~Xeno, every friggin day edit delete reply
diceSkating: i cant imagine risk being super popular in a world where half the world recently exploded edit delete reply
Turquoise: Australia? As if. Africa is my starting point. edit delete reply
Drakara: Gotta say, Admiral Pancake is an awesome evil villain name. I also love Rev's comment about them being a bunch of code geeks and a monkey. That gave me a good chuckle. Ook! edit delete reply