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[Unichat log --]
/query Admiral Pancake

(14:02)System: Initiating private chat with active user Admiral Pancake.
(14:02)OITHEOI: Suicide? That's disappointingly pedestrian.
(14:02)Admiral Pancake: I'm disappointed to have lost a soldier.
(14:03)OITHEOI: What do you make of her remarks about psychosis?
(14:03)Admiral Pancake: The ramblings of a scared girl who has never seen death before. I wouldn't put any stock in them.
(14:03)OITHEOI: Really?
(14:04)Admiral Pancake: You're stalling. You want more information from me before completing our agreement.
(14:04)OITHEOI: Am I?
(14:05)Admiral Pancake: ...
(14:05)Admiral Pancake: I'll humor you.
(14:05)OITHEOI: Much appreciated.
(14:05)System: OITHEOI invited active user __RSPTN__ to join this anonymous channel.
(14:06)System: User __RSPTN__ is joining this anonymous channel.
(14:06)__RSPTN__: Afternoon. What can I do for you?
(14:06)Admiral Pancake: Care to explain, Theo?
(14:07)OITHEOI: Certainly.
(14:07)OITHEOI: Rasputin has an interesting theory about reality fractures. If he's correct, they may manifest in a far more insidious way than previously realized.
(14:07)Admiral Pancake: And you think this is relevant? I haven't been experimenting with those in years.
(14:08)OITHEOI: But you want a countermeasure to Vampire's powers.
(14:08)Admiral Pancake: Who doesn't? And what of it besides?
(14:09)OITHEOI: It is hardly a secret that you fear her more than the rest of us. And given your particular... proclivities, it stands to reason you'd be working on a prototype - especially in space, where you're hard to touch. It's just logic.
/message __RSPTN__ Say "This is fascinating."
(14:10)__RSPTN__: This is fascinating.
(14:10)System: Admiral Pancake kicks __RSPTN__ from this anonymous channel.
(14:11)OITHEOI: A mite sensitive, are we?
(14:12)Admiral Pancake: Complete your end of the bargain and begone.
(14:13)OITHEOI: You should already have an encrypted archive containing the icebreaker source. The decryption key is JBI7FF6P9QRPU8XPOHOSGRPYLPW0RT5YRO5J.
(14:15)Admiral Pancake: Decryption accepted. Now are you done bothering me?
(14:15)OITHEOI: Of course. I've got what I came for.
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[Unichat auxiliary records --]
Xenocartographer (Official Note): So we've met Theo and Pancake and have some sense of who GoO and Rasputin are. I think that's all of them, right? There aren't any more weirdly named Illuminati-esque people you're dying to know about, right?

Also hey, any guesses what the PM to Rasputin was about? It's not actually that complicated, but I'm curious if anyone got it~
midnightpizza: Wow, this webcomic(?) is really cool. Good job! edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: "Webcomic(?)" is, frankly, an amazing summation. Mind if I steal it? :) And aww, thanks! edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: Hehehehe. I love how smug Theo is, how he can take Pancake down a few pegs. But I wanna sea him get Wrekt, too, just a bit. edit delete reply
Dellis: We~ll, now I'm rooting for Vampire even more. She's got powers, AND if she's a pain to both the shady guys she's good in my book xD edit delete reply
gjbivin: The enemy of my enemy can still be my enemy as well. edit delete reply
eekee: Why can't she be shadier than either? I'm completely neutral about her at the moment. edit delete reply
Guest: I had the impression that Rasputin was an independent player, considering the way Theo referred to him as being "off theorizing" among alibi's for GOO and Vampire. Maybe he is working for Theo, or he was taken out and replaced with a computer that responds when commanded? More importantly, reality fractures? So Pancake wasn't lying about pwning time? So these guys are playing with some serious power, and working to get more. I have this niggling feeling that this is all related to the Gaian terrorists. We still don't know why they did what they did and knocked the world's tech back so far. What if it was for, or in response to, the Chess Club and their plans? Phew, that was long. My theorizing will become a book longer than its topic if you keep answering questions like Theo. Not that I'm complaining. Just a warning. edit delete reply
Catalystyc: Woops, this was me. I didn't realize I was logged out. "Huh, the name form field is empty. Weird. *keeps typing*" edit delete reply
Laon: Theo's line near the end, and Rasputin's immediate parroting of what was asked to be said looks a lot like someone inputting a command to a computer program. The quotation marks in the "command" and Rasputin's text matching exactly seem pretty suspicious edit delete reply
merlinnia: I don't know what the PM was about but my mind went... space -> logic -> fascinating -> Mr. Spock xD edit delete reply
eekee: i'm blown away to see one of the (apparently) major players act like a bot, and theo's bot at that. then there's the obvious connection between oitheoi and oi theoi tou olympou, to translate a little. all right, it's only obvious if you have greek heritage, and google helps. :3 (i wonder if duck duck go will still be around in 2083? or if they'll still be passing themselves off as the private search service.) i'm almost entirely sure theo is godsofolympus, so now i'm wondering "how many people is this guy?" :) i doubt he'd risk sprearing himself too thin, though, so maybe rasputin isn't a bot. edit delete reply