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[Unichat log --]
(18:44)Bulwark: Okay, let's debrief. What went wrong there?
(18:44)m1ndh1ve1: i got ganked :(
(18:44)Anarchon: Our [censored] summoner decided to play with his [censored] in front of two enemy fighters is what went wrong, DUH!!!
(18:45)venemous: dude, you could've disrupted 'em
(18:45)venemous: warlock's supposed to be cc
(18:45)m1ndh1ve1: lol
(18:45)Anarchon: Whatever! We should never have been in that position in the first place. Recon is SUPPOSED to be the lower case letter's gang's responsibility! I am NOT going 2v1 against DPS builds when I barely have enough mana for a single bolt!
(18:45)m1ndh1ve1: D:
(18:46)venemous: ... hades realm is a team game
(18:46)venemous: no personal disrespect intended, mate, but mind's goblins were worth more than you
(18:47)Anarchon: Don't call me mate.
(18:47)m1ndh1ve1: lol
(18:47)m1ndh1ve1: ana
(18:47)Bulwark: Alright, I'm cutting this off before it turns truly stupid.
(18:47)Bulwark: I'd like to draw your attention to something, because I think it's important. "Recon is supposed to be the lower case letter's gang's responsibility!" Guys?
(18:48)m1ndh1ve1: lol
(18:48)m1ndh1ve1: if i split up my goblins any further they'll just get murdered by any random [censored] they scout
(18:48)Anarchon: Don't [censored] call me "Ana" either, [censored]!
(18:49)m1ndh1ve1: idk if you know this but there's like, a three second delay before i get intel from them
(18:49)m1ndh1ve1: i have a macro that alerts me if one dies unexpectedly, but that's not a lot of information
(18:50)m1ndh1ve1: especially when three quarters of their team can teep
(18:50)m1ndh1ve1: idk though, i can try harder if you really want me to
(18:51)Anarchon: See that you do.
(18:51)Bulwark: That's a wonderfully thorough analysis, m1nd, and it's nice to see you participating more in these discussions.
(18:51)m1ndh1ve1: lol
(18:51)m1ndh1ve1: thank
(18:52)Anarchon: (Sycophant.)
(18:52)Bulwark: venemous, I'd like your input.
(18:53)venemous: hm...
(18:53)Bulwark: (For encouraging my teammate to analyze his own performance?)
(18:54)Anarchon: (Whatever.)
(18:54)venemous: i wonder if i'm emphasizing backstabs too much. like, yes, i can take an enemy out for good, but they take so long to set up that i'm probably missing opportunities to disrupt and scout. m1nd, maybe you and me should drill some plays together like we used to
(18:55)m1ndh1ve1: lol
(18:55)m1ndh1ve1: thatd be cool
(18:56)Bulwark: Is there anything I can do to help?
(18:56)Bulwark: (I don't think you know what "sycophant" means.)
(18:56)m1ndh1ve1: lol, scout tank
(18:56)Bulwark: Yeah, okay, probably not.
(18:57)Anarchon: You should help apply pressure more. You hang back A LOT, and it lets them build up. Focus on suppressing the enemy instead of [censored]ing around on defense like a [censored] and those two won't NEED to scout as much.
(18:57)Anarchon: Defense is just another word for giving up and playing with your [censored] until the match ends.
(18:58)Bulwark: Uhm...
(18:58)Bulwark: Okay, uh, interesting metaphor aside, I can see that. I'm not sure how much I can do without opening up easy attacks on our casters, but I'll run some sims.
(18:58)Anarchon: What the [censored]???
(18:58)Anarchon: Did you just AGREE with me? Holy [censored] on a cracker, did the universe decide to stop this "Anarchon is a giant poopnugget that everyone should laugh at and never take seriously" thing it's got going on for a moment and let someone ACTUALLY TALK TO ME LIKE A FELLOW HUMAN BEING?
(18:58)Anarchon: Someone pinch me.
*(18:59)venemous pinches ana*
(18:59)m1ndh1ve1: lol
(19:00)Bulwark: Y'know, this team seems to get better every time we bump into them. Do they have a name?
(19:00)m1ndh1ve1: nah
(19:01)m1ndh1ve1: i've been chatting w/ their serker though
(19:01)m1ndh1ve1: he's pretty cool
(19:01)m1ndh1ve1: traded me a wand of cancellation :D
(19:02)Bulwark: For what? You know all major trades are supposed to go through me...
(19:02)m1ndh1ve1: one of our, like, five moonsilvers :P
(19:02)Bulwark: Huh.
(19:03)Bulwark: I can't say I expected to see a prince-class in a ranked game. What'd you think?
(19:04)Anarchon: For a garbage class, he's pretty good.
(19:04)venemous: she, i think
(19:04)venemous: hang on, there's an article somewhere about her
(19:05)venemous: google "bbc interview with a microgravity native"
(19:08)Anarchon: I knew that name sounded [censored] familiar.
(19:12)Bulwark: Impressive ping for someone on another planet!
(19:13)m1ndh1ve1: lol
(19:13)m1ndh1ve1: shes got some kinda ai macro
(19:13)m1ndh1ve1: or that's what z0rz says at least
(19:14)m1ndh1ve1: ...so far as i can make out
(19:14)m1ndh1ve1: lol
(19:15)Anarchon: Why is everything about AI?!
(19:15)Anarchon: GODS, this was on the [censored] TV last week! Since when is THIS [censored] relevant to ANYTHING???
(19:16)Bulwark: ...ehhhhhhh. Honestly, I really don't want to talk about this.
(19:17)Anarchon: Why not? Don't tell me you're afraid of GLaDOS listening from your closet or something.
(19:17)Bulwark: I don't want to talk about why I don't want to talk about it either.
(19:18)Anarchon: Oh, please. Is this going to be like the time you re-[censored]-fused to hold a [censored] garden snake when we were kids?
(19:19)m1ndh1ve1: dude
(19:19)m1ndh1ve1: she doesn't want to talk about it
(19:20)Bulwark: Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
/log encrypt --stealth
(19:20)System: The log for #axis-of-the-elite is being encrypted with Bulwark's public key. Stealth mode: suppressing this message from everyone besides you and server ops.
(19:21)Bulwark: The last time I mentioned those weird AI-related files I found, I got a weird-[censored] PM about it. No idea how they knew about that convo. It was very threatening and... personal.
(19:21)venemous: unichat staff?
(19:22)Bulwark: No, some weird anonymous account. I dunno. It's all very cloak and dagger and, honestly, it's fairly unnerving.
(19:22)venemous: let's change the subject, then
(19:23)Bulwark: Agreed.
(19:23)m1ndh1ve1: so
(19:23)m1ndh1ve1: 2v2???
(19:23)m1ndh1ve1: lower case letters gang vs. capital letter siblings
(19:23)m1ndh1ve1: lol
/log no-encrypt --stealth
(19:23)System: Further messages in this channel are no longer being encrypted. Stealth mode: suppressing this message from everyone besides you and server ops.
(19:24)Bulwark: Let's do it.
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[Unichat auxiliary records --]
Xenocartographer (Official Note): Eesh, this page was something of a nightmare. The BBC article was supposed to be available as a link, but a last-minute technical issue forced me to remove it and rewrite to account for it not being there. I'll go back and put it up later, but in the mean time, let's not delay the page itself any further.

Also yeah, these people never stopped existing and their plot thread never stopped being relevant. :D
Seabiscuit: Ah! I've been wondering about these guys.:D
...Woah, they played Sonja?!! Awesome! She really got good fast, huh...
I'm surprised Bulwark isn't in any trouble for those hacks, yet.;) edit delete reply
sence_or_ship: the unichat content filter must really suck if your name is actually Dick edit delete reply
Catalystyc: Bulwark didn't want to say the reason he is the way he is, but alienating himself from what I can reasonably assume to be his only friends speaks of some serious issues. edit delete reply
eekee: she's just been offline for 2 weeks due to the law taking an interest in some files she found. not wanting to talk to these guys about finding files is just basic self-preservation, no matter how close they are. (i theenk bulwark is a she. can't remember why now.) edit delete reply
Catalystyc: Putting aside his shortcomings, Anarchon does have immaculate spelling. By the way, what is the population on the moon? It seems like more of a military installation, considering the rank of Sonja's dad, though I suppose the military would be involved in any sufficiently advanced space endeavor. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Pretty small, on the order of a couple hundred. It's a mixture of civilian and military personnel. edit delete reply
eekee: i used to think everyone with immaculate spelling was just like anarchon. this is what school did to me. *grins and twitches* edit delete reply
merlinnia: Crack head canon: Pancake is Anarchon from the future xD edit delete reply