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(15:00)BBC_Official: Good afternoon, viewers. I'm Paula Hunter with the BBC. With me today is Vladmir Orlov, soon-to-be Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. Mr Orlov?
(15:01)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Good afternoon to you, Miss Hunter, and to our Western audiences. To my own people, Добрый вечер.
(15:01)BBC_Official: Mr. Orlov, at the beginning of this election, you were an unlikely fringe candidate without much political support or financing. To what do you attribute this unexpected victory?
(15:02)VladmirOrlovOfficial: The Russian people have rejected fear, Miss Hunter. I merely provided a means.
(15:02)BBC_Official: The theme of ensuring political and social freedoms for Russian citizens was a major component of several high-profile campaigns in this election, including yours and that of your rival, Minister Petrova. What do you think allowed you to prevail against other, better-known candidates using such similar rhetoric?
(15:04)VladmirOrlovOfficial: You have to understand the attitude of the Russian people. They are not like you. We are tired, Miss Hunter. The Russian economy still suffers from the spectre of Stalin's regime, as does her social character. We have been the unwilling host of war criminals and terrorists inflicted upon us by a governance not of our choosing. Our natural resources have been decimated by warfare, both civil and international. Familiarity is a sign of the old order, Miss Hunter. It is not welcome.
(15:06)BBC_Official: Thank you for such an in-depth answer, Mr Orlov. May I ask a follow-up question?
(15:06)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Certainly.
(15:06)BBC_Official: Much of what you said on the campaign trail mirrored similar remarks by Mrs Petrova, and you were both regarded as highly radical, albeit her more than you. What can you tell us about that?
(15:07)VladmirOrlovOfficial: She spoke of warfare. I advocated merely preparedness. To her loyalists, a message of patient vigilance may not be enough. To the rest of us, it is the only prudent course of action.
(15:08)BBC_Official: You were criticised on the campaign trail for confusing statements regarding enclaves of the Society of Gaia remaining in Russian territory, along with other irregular militaries. What can you say about your policy regarding them in the coming months?
(15:09)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Those members of the Gaian faith willing to cooperate with our new society will be welcomed with open arms, as are those who dissent through pacific means. Any that resume open violence against us shall be dealt as with any other enemy.
(15:10)BBC_Official: You yourself have remarked that it can be hard to tell the difference.
(15:10)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Let me make myself very plain to you, Miss Hunter.
(15:14)VladmirOrlovOfficial: I am not a person of ideology. To borrow the word of someone in a position not unlike my own, I deal in realpolitik - in политика реальности. Nothing is true, Miss Hunter. This is a truth as profound as that of the blood of millions spent in its realization. Nothing is true. All actions are permitted. I will chart those actions that lead toward our common ends, and I will execute them with creativity and determination both.
(15:15)VladmirOrlovOfficial: For humanity, Miss Hunter.
(15:16)BBC_Official: Thank you.
(15:19)BBC_Official: I would like to turn now to domestic policy. Estimations vary, but the Russian penal system holds anywhere from tens of thousands to millions of inmates on what are widely regarded as politically motivated grounds. You've spoken out against this, but have also been criticised for vagueness regarding your actual plans for these people. Can you speak to that?
(15:20)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Those found to be held without reason will be released.
(15:20)BBC_Official: How will you determine who is held for a valid reason?
(15:21)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Rest assured, the innocent shall be redeemed, while the guilty shall not be let free to cause more harm. Fear of compromising those very policies prevents me from speaking about them at this time.
(15:22)BBC_Official: Thank you, Mr Orlov.
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