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[Unichat log --]
(15:23)BBC_Official: Readers, in just a moment, we will be opening up the channel to audience questions. But first, a word from our sponsors:
(15:24)HadesRealmOfficial: Imagine a world of utter darkness. The endless dead struggle for identity in a world of rot and hellfire. But from this bleak nothingness emerges a hero - a shade powerful enough to threaten Hades himself. Are you that hero? Register now to find out.
(15:24)HadesRealmOfficial: Sign up within the next 48 hours for a chance to win the new Rise of the Firelord expansion.
(15:27)BBC_Official: You may now send questions via private message to this account.
(15:29)BBC_Official: Our first question comes from Ashley Keys, a travel blogger and international human rights activist.
(15:29)xX_RabbitFan_Xx: mr. orlov, giant fan of your work here. in your campaign, you talked about repealing the draft, can you reassure me that that's actually going to happen? my boyfriend's russian and we're both worried - to say nothing of the human outcry.
(15:30)VladmirOrlovOfficial: I am nothing if not a man of my word. The people of the Russian Federation may rest assured that military service will be legally mandated for no longer than it takes the relevant legislation to pass the Senate - as may you, Miss xX_RabbitFan_Xx.
(15:31)BBC_Official: Next up, we have a user identifying himself as a high-energy physics student at Algernon University:
(15:30)EntropicPhantom: Mr. President, many of us have some concern regarding the worryingly large number of outmoded and/or unregistered nuclear reactors still active in the Federation, which have been something of a taboo subject. Naturally, the old guard wants them to remain intact for financial reasons, which seems rather anathema to your own progressivism. How will you navigate this?
(15:36)VladmirOrlovOfficial: You are shrewed in your identification of this issue as a politically-sensitive one, and I would like to extend my congratuations on an accurate analysis from highly limited data. Nonetheless, my response is the same as it always has been. Earlier this century, certain politicans almost landed us in very hot water, if you'll indulge an old man a pun, by disregarding climate science for political reasons. The same fight has now moved here, and I will not let history remember me in the same way. To old guard, if I may borrow the questioner's words, Пошёл в [censored].
(15:38)BBC_Official: Thank you for that, Mr. Orlov. And now a question from one of your own people:
(15:36)WhoRemembers: Будете ли вы освободить моего мужа?
(15:36)VladmirOrlovOfficial: Да.
(15:37)giant death ferret: I cant believe your letting a bunch of HIPPIES in europe tell you what to do with OUR NUCLEAR PROGRAM, lol, this is EXACTLY why we need more communism! Anyone that isnt a PIG would know better!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(15:37)BBC_Official: My utmost apologies, Mr Orlov. I pressed the wrong hotkey.
(15:37)VladmirOrlovOfficial: No apologies necessary, Miss Hunter. And to my critic: If you wish to return to the old ways, you may begin by addressing your elders with due respeect.
/message __RSPTN__ I like this guy.
System: Incoming private message from user __RSPTN__:
(15:37)__RSPTN__: Are you going to say something?
/message reply Oh, maybe~
(15:39)BBC_Official: Our next question comes from the CEO of the General Waffle Corporation.
(15:38)ThatOneVampChick: So, if you're modernizing, are you finally going to allow foreign businesses competitive access to your markets, without the extraordinary tariffs of the previous administration?
System: Incoming private message from user __RSPTN__:
(15:38)__RSPTN__: Oh my God. You're tipping your hand intentionally.
/message reply Have been for some time. I think you're the first to have caught on.
System: Incoming private message from user __RSPTN__:
(15:39)__RSPTN__: GoO and I had some suspicion. Oh, well played, my hematophiliac friend. Well played.
(15:40)VladmirOrlovOfficial: I will be plain with you - I am not an economist. Some form of international competition is on my radar. However, you must understand how overwhelmingly complex the situation is. The Russian Federation encompasses a huge swath of territory with a broad range of needs, and disappointingly little analysis has been done by any objective parties. I am uncomfortable making any statements one way or the other, except to say that I am open to the possibility, given sufficient time to do so safely.
(15:41)System: User GodsOfOlympus is joining #bbc-interview-room.
(15:41)BBC_Official: Hang on a moment, readers. The Unichat head administrator has arrived unexpectedly.
(15:41)GodsOfOlympus: By the power entrusted in me by the Unichat charter and Article 4 of the United Nations Non-Governmental Agency Policy, I hereby declare this interview a threat to server security. It is ended.
/message GodsOfOlympus A little heavy-handed, don't'cha think?
System: Incoming private message from user GodsOfOlympus:
(15:41)GodsOfOlympus: You just crossed a line. I have been overwhelmingly patient with your little game on my servers. That is rapidly wearing thin.
/message GodsOfOlympus :/ Hey, let's not be hasty about this. You free tomorrow evening? I'll make tea...
(15:43)BBC_Official: Apologies, readers. Time and place of a reconvening will be made available on the BBC website as soon as they can be negotiated. Paula Hunter, signing off.
System: Incoming private message from user GodsOfOlympus:
(15:44)GodsOfOlympus: If you think I'm driving two hours because you want to avoid a paper trail, you are sadly mistaken.
System: Incoming private message from user __RSPTN__:
(15:45)__RSPTN__: Well, THAT went well. Why don't you try huffing some benzine next? Or perhaps you'd rather administer sexual therapy to a particularly irritable wolverine?! That way you get to be self-destructive without subjecting everyone else to it - or, hear me out, perhaps you should USE that famous intellect of yours in daily life for a change?
/message __RSPTN__ Oh, shut up, I am this close to hexing you.
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Xenocartographer (Official Note): In less traumatic news, more fanart - this time, a crossover with dear sweet Seabiscuit's comic, Wastelanders Anonymous! By the same guy who did the original Sonja fanart, incidentally~
Seabiscuit: A word from our sponsors... -SNERK-
Ah! Question from EP, but of course.:D
...That Russian, of course I had to translate it...W-woah, that was rather cryptic...
It's the vampire! And a GOO appearance, woah!! Gosh, he really does have a god complex. God complexes seem to be a running theme in life lately, no?;) edit delete reply
Catalystyc: Is this that famous Vampire we've been hearing so much about? I am officially changing my suggestion for the name of the shadowy, powerful, timebending group of intellects competing for more power and working towards yet unkown goals, to the Breakfast Club. You did this to yourself, xeno. edit delete reply
Dellis: VAMPIRE! *fangirl squee*

... You expected that reaction from me when you were writing the script, admit it xD edit delete reply
Guest: But of course. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Dangit! That's me! edit delete reply
FallenLeaves: I'm rereading this after being away for a while and I still can't get past the BBC having sponsors. Oh how the mighty have fallen. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: I am truly an evil author. edit delete reply
Steve the Mew hunter: I mentally read GoO's voice as something that would be fitting coming from the mouth of Zeus as he looks down at you from on top of a storm cloud. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: [headcanon accepted] edit delete reply
eekee: what? ?.? what did she *say*? ?.? that was one of the most normal questions about international politics i can imagine. edit delete reply