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[Unichat log --]
(14:59)bloodshoes: look, what's really going on here? i'm tired of weird people on unihcat telling me what to do
(14:59)bloodshoes: i mean... i owe you, i know, but after last time? this is making me nervous, theo
(14:59)bloodshoes: unichat*
(15:00)Theodore_Oien: I suppose that's only fair, given your history.
(15:00)bloodshoes: yeah...
(15:01)bloodshoes: srry
(15:02)Theodore_Oien: I want to level with you, but I need to know I can trust you. Or you can drop it all and go back to teaching. It's totally your decision.
(15:03)bloodshoes: maybe we should just..... notify the proper authorities and be done with it
(15:04)Theodore_Oien: That would not be a good idea. You can't be unaware of the massive corruption around you.
(15:05)bloodshoes: yeah, but
(15:05)bloodshoes: if they're just going after a kid for ransom money.....
(15:05)Theodore_Oien: An international businessman is involved in this case, remember? Panak. Pancake. Whatever other aliases he may use.
(15:05)Theodore_Oien: And that information may be key to cracking the case.
(15:06)bloodshoes: .....yeah, okay
(15:06)bloodshoes: i can see that
(15:08)bloodshoes: okay, what do you need to know?
(15:08)Theodore_Oien: Professor, I will be plain with you. What was Pancake doing?
(15:08)bloodshoes: uhm
(15:08)bloodshoes: starting a war
(15:08)bloodshoes: i think
(15:09)Theodore_Oien: Huh.
(15:11)bloodshoes: he really doesnt like gaia
(15:12)Theodore_Oien: Oh my me. I just realized something.
(15:12)bloodshoes: what?
(15:12)Theodore_Oien: They caught Unus_Relicum.
(15:13)bloodshoes: relicuum*
(15:13)bloodshoes: should be unum too, but i guess Latin grammar is too much to expect from terrorists
(15:13)bloodshoes: when did this happen?
(15:14)Theodore_Oien: Shortly after you were arrested. He was found posing as the roommate of a friend of the student in question.
(15:15)bloodshoes: uhm
(15:16)bloodshoes: first i've heard of this..... do you think it's related?
(15:16)Theodore_Oien: Absolutely. I should have mentioned it sooner.
(15:16)bloodshoes: news is hard to come by in jail.....
(15:16)bloodshoes: well [censored], are you trying to give me a chance to strike bacK?
(15:17)Theodore_Oien: Possibly. I think there's one way to find out.
(15:17)bloodshoes: why didn't pancake just..... keep working with me? i'm an historian, i know things.....
(15:18)Theodore_Oien: He and I don't see eye-to-eye on methodology, let me put it that way. He's much more accepting of collateral damage. Frankly, he seems to revel in it.
(15:18)bloodshoes: heh
(15:18)bloodshoes: is this personal for you?
(15:19)Theodore_Oien: In a way. You?
(15:20)bloodshoes: uhm
(15:20)bloodshoes: i lost my father and brother on the Eisenhower
(15:20)bloodshoes: does that count?
(15:21)Theodore_Oien: Of course it does.
(15:21)bloodshoes: god fúcking damn it, they knew how many people they were going to kill! fúck any religion that advocates nuking medical ships!
(15:22)Theodore_Oien: [censored] every cause that that ends in murder and children crying.
(15:23)bloodshoes: i appreciate your taste in literature almost as much as your hatred of gaians
(15:24)Theodore_Oien: I've heard it said that-
(15:24)Theodore_Oien: -actually, let me find the quote here-
(15:27)Theodore_Oien: "[Banks] infused his science fiction with a conviction that a future was possible in which people could live better — he brought to the task an angry, compassionate, humane voice [...] and in doing so managed to write a far-future space operatic universe that sane human beings would actually want to live in (if only it existed)". -Charles Stross
(15:27)Theodore_Oien: I guess I've always believed that we all have our part to play bringing such a world about.
(15:28)bloodshoes: yeah
(15:28)bloodshoes: this is getting a little heavy, theo
(15:29)Theodore_Oien: I suppose it is. Thank you for your time, professor.
(15:30)bloodshoes: np
(15:32)bloodshoes: i'll think about what you said, alright?
(15:32)Theodore_Oien: :)
[Unichat log --]
System: Incoming private message from user DefinitelyNotAnUmbrella:
(22:08)DefinitelyNotAnUmbrella: Are you aware bloodshoes is no longer in jail?
/message reply I am now. Who are you?
System: Incoming private message from user DefinitelyNotAnUmbrella:
(22:10)DefinitelyNotAnUmbrella: One of a member of a vague, omnipresent council that watches every aspect of your life through the Internet.
/message reply Which one? You'll have to be more specific.
System: Incoming private message from user DefinitelyNotAnUmbrella:
(22:10)DefinitelyNotAnUmbrella: :P
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[Unichat auxiliary records --]
Xenocartographer (Official Note): Fffffffeaturing another Dellis-esque message across the fourth wall, from first-time commentator DefinitelyNotAnUmbrella on our previous page.

And while I'm linking things, have a Pancake, courtesy of argylefox, who is actually a bear for some reason.
Seabiscuit: Omg, that goddamn page title. Poor Bloodshoes, from one spiderweb into the next... I hope our little fly escapes soon and ... idk destroys them somehow idk. Oh man, that message to Pancake... :'D I'm surprised he's so calm someone that could (maybe?) wrekt his shit is out there! edit delete reply
SansFinalGuardian: so many new characters recently... let me guess. umbrella is in the DNAU. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: DNAU did a /message in the comments much like Dellis did, probably trying to figure out if you can actually affect the plot that way. Look on the comments on the previous page. Who else is new, Sonja's parents? edit delete reply
Dellis: I'd guess he succeeded.

By the way, as Italian Screenwriter Fellini once said "I always wanted to be an adjective when I grew up."

Dellis-esque~ edit delete reply
Arbiter: "A vague, omnipresent council that watches every aspect of your life through the Internet." So, does this mean we all exist in-universe? This comic just got M E T A. I didn't realize what I was getting myself into when I started reading this comic... edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: That is exactly the intended reaction. :) Unichat is quite a deep rabbit hole. edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: Oh oh oh!
/message bloodshoes BLOODSHOES, I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN, I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE FREE I ALWAYS BELIEVED IN YOU BUDDY! Are you gonna warn your students they might be in danger?? edit delete reply
KittenLicks: /message SonjaOfTheMeow Hi I'm your biggest fan! Your feline shenanigans were the best ever and you and EP are the cutest thing in the entire webco- I mean, world! edit delete reply
eekee: "Which one?" Which individual, or which Internet? What with all the timelines and all, the latter question is relevant, no? :) edit delete reply