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[Unichat log --]
(06:12)pwnz0rz: pssssst
(??:??)pwnz1ng: why tf r u awake
(06:13)pwnz0rz: y r U awaek???
(??:??)pwnz1ng: ihave a chronologically sesnentive alarmclock
(06:13)pwnz0rz: i'm...........pretty sure all clocks arf chronlolgicly sensetive
(??:??)pwnz1ng: imean itgoes of early if, uh
(??:??)pwnz1ng: u wouldnt understand yet
(??:??)pwnz1ng: uve got 2 larn 2 pwnz time :D
(06:14)pwnz0rz: ngl
(06:14)pwnz0rz: theres nothing in teh hades realm rules that you can't timetravle your way 2 victory
(06:14)pwnz0rz: if u catch my drift....................
[Unichat log --]
(??:??)pwnz2much: i still think this is a bad idea
(23:02)Admiral Pancake: We don't have the time to hesitate so much.
(??:??)pwnz2much: we have all the time in the world
(??:??)pwnz2much: how the [censored] do you not understand this yet?
(23:04)Admiral Pancake: You always tell me I need "the will to act". Well, I'm acting.
(??:??)pwnz2much: heh
(??:??)pwnz2much: it still feels too convenient
(??:??)pwnz2much: the local pwnz iteration ignroes you when you demonstrate our powers, then changes his mind? :/
(??:??)pwnz2much: i don't buy it
(23:05)Admiral Pancake: Perhaps. I would certainly be remiss to trust him implicitly. Nonetheless, an agent proper to this timeline is too much of an advantage to pass up, especially with our unknown enemy out there.
(??:??)pwnz2much: eh
(??:??)pwnz2much: whatever
[Unichat log --]
4:37 PM | pwnz3r | ok
4:37 PM | Pancake_High_Admiral | Report!
4:38 PM | pwnz3r | im almost readyto blow up the moon
4:38 PM | pwnz3r | but this still feels hastey af
4:38 PM | Pancake_High_Admiral | Not this again...
4:39 PM | pwnz3r | look m8 iknow u diseregarding subordinates advice is p much a mutliversal constnat but can you [censored] that 4 a sec? im worried
4:40 PM | Pancake_High_Admiral | Listening.
4:40 PM | pwnz3r | i dont know WHY i cant do the merger, thast the rproblem
4:40 PM | pwnz3r | but i think im being blocked from the other side
4:41 PM | Pancake_High_Admiral | How is that possible?
4:42 PM | pwnz3r | some1s keep a close eye on this timelines metastablility curve and maks arbitrary changes whenever it spikes? its not difficult if u know what to loook 4
4:42 PM | Pancake_High_Admiral | Who would have the knowledge of this timeline and its importance, and the wherewithal and motivation to keep it isolated?
4:43 PM | pwnz3r | idk
4:43 PM | pwnz3r | a rogue atlernate me maybe?
[Unichat log --]
(??:??)pwnz0rz: yesssssssssssssssssssss
(??:??)pwnz0rz: hetook the bate
(??:??)SecundaSonja: Past you?
(??:??)pwnz0rz: :D
(??:??)SecundaSonja: Exemplary!
(??:??)pwnz0rz: yeah hes
(??:??)pwnz0rz: talking 2 pancake, the moon exists, and my memory aren't all [censored]
(??:??)pwnz0rz: soit worked! weve got our mole and nothing forked :D
(??:??)SecundaSonja: Then if you'll excuse me, I need to go bother Ana.
(??:??)pwnz0rz: what 4?
(??:??)SecundaSonja: Put simply, he lost a bet.
*(??:??)pwnz0rz sighs*
(??:??)pwnz0rz: wonderfel
(??:??)pwnz0rz: i go from saving the world 2 being the object of ur wannabe booky ambitions
(??:??)pwnz0rz: what a time too be alife
[Unichat log --]
4:44 PM | Pancake_High_Admiral | Right. With such a figure out there, we definitely can't afford to hesitate.
4:44 PM | Pancake_High_Admiral | Blow it.
4:44 PM | pwnz3r | the moon ?its going 2 be a bit beefore everythings ready
4:45 PM | Pancake_High_Admiral | Right. My apologies, I may have let my dramatic supervillain side get the better of me for a moment there
4:45 PM | pwnz3r | heh
4:45 PM | pwnz3r | it happens :P
4:46 PM | pwnz3r | not gonna lie tho
4:46 PM | pwnz3r | ive got my resreverations, but this is a slick pieceof chronological warfare
4:46 PM | pwnz3r | and its going to be preeeeeeeetty satisfying pulling itoff
4:47 PM | Pancake_High_Admiral | A beautiful symphony of violence on instruments of war.
4:49 PM | pwnz3r | sure, if u want 2 get poetic about mass murder i guess :P
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[Unichat auxiliary records --]
Xenocartographer (Official Note): Messages left to characters on the previous page have been noted and will be handled when those characters come up again. Anyway, mysterious things have happened - what think?
Seabiscuit: Aw yes, I was hoping Pwnz had something up his sleeve! But but woah!! Second Sonja?! Time traveling? Working with Ana?! WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING YOU CRAZED MAPMAKER?? Aw gosh, I wanna know how Pwnz #2 turned out this way... But holy shit, Pwnz #3!! Blowing up the moon- Killing Sonja and so many others? How is he okay with this... What in the world is Pancake offering him if anything?! edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: I suggest reviewing the aftereffects of Ana's Etamnanki dream. As for the rest, you get an official tilde of ambiguity~ edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: The page is titled "Dream a little dream". edit delete reply
endsoftime: every time I think the plot couldn't get any more complicated, it manages to find a way to :)
that you can keep up with this all is testament to your skill as a writer. edit delete reply
endsoftime: also, this page has the best title. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Aww... Thanks, friend, on both accounts. While we're on the subject, your username is pretty fitting, too! edit delete reply
endsoftime: picked it on a whim the first time I wanted to post a comment on here; it's only become more and more thematically appropriate since. edit delete reply
Arbiter: It's time to answer the burning questions that have been on everyone's mind. Can truly anyone become a hero? To what extent will Xeno put up with fourth-wall shenanigans? How stupid can Arbiter's jokes get?

/message DOGFOODLID Hey buddy. Want to become plot-relevant? edit delete reply
Dellis: I believe we should hold off on these things for a bit XD I started those as an in-joke, but as a fellow writer I know reader intervention can be frustrating to the writer, if overdone and if the story isn't written exactly with that idea in mind.

Or not, Xeno's a better writer than me, he might pull it off. I just imagined him drinking alcohol and saying to himself "why did I ever allow Dellis to do that" and felt guilty xD edit delete reply
KittenLicks: Yeah, I was hesitant too, for the same reasons. xD I'm hoping/relying on Xeno to tell us all to stop before it gets to that point though. :) edit delete reply
Arbiter: Yeah, I get it, I'm a writer too. It was just a silly joke, if Xeno doesn't want to do anything with it then I want him to know he doesn't have to. It's his comic. edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: I'll let you know if it becomes too much. As it stands, I'm just over here, giggling at things you'll see in a hundred-odd pages. :)

I wouldn't say I'm a better writer. I've found a highly specific kind of story that comes naturally to me, but struggle in pretty much any other genre. edit delete reply
Dellis: I know, I know! My comment was for Xeno's benefit, you just provided me an occasion to say it, yours was the most harmless /message imaginable, don't worry xD edit delete reply
ronaldCop: between all these forth wall shenanigans and duplicate characters i hope things dont get... two meta edit delete reply
KittenLicks: *slow clap that gradually turns into deafening applause* edit delete reply