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[Unichat log --]
Alright, listen up. Gods is definitely moving to purge me from his systems - and he's becoming pretty aggressive towards anyone that looks related, case in point. The point is, this is bigger than I can deal with. I need help. There's something timey-wimey about to go down, if my sources are to be believed, and it involves something to do with the Gaians. I need to get the authcode for the Gaia wiki page, but I can't risk contacting anyone directly. Once you've got it, /message it to Anarchon. It'll get to me, don't ask how. Checking out other profile pages or finding someone who's an expert on Gaians might help.
Oh, and don't mind the accession date on that page. The short version is that it's from the future. Once again, don't ask how. I don't know.
/message GodsOfOlympus I'm blatantly violating the Unichat Terms of Service by accessing this page! What are ya going to do about it?
System: Incoming private message from user GodsOfOlympus:
(12:23)GodsOfOlympus: There are many restricted pages. I'm afraid you'll have to be more specific.
System: Incoming private message from user DeepDark:
(12:23)DeepDark: careful who you write to, son. Little tidbit: never - trust - anyone. That includes me.
/message DeepDark I know what I'm doing.
/message GodsOfOlympus this one. Is that specific enough for you?
System: Incoming private message from user GodsOfOlympus:
(12:24)GodsOfOlympus: Interesting. To answer your question, I'll find and execute you and all of your accomplices. But before that-
System: User endsoftime has been BANNED (reason given: What did you expect to happen?).
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[Unichat auxiliary records --]
Xenocartographer (Official Note): Let's see if y'all can crack this one. It might take some... involvement with coming pages, if you catch my drift.
Seabiscuit: -SNERK- Omg, that ban, haha. GOO is HELLA triggered, DAMN. Was DeepDark another reader or someone else?
Ah! Ana involvement... :D Woah- This must be like, Sonja, yeah? I mean, cause time travel, and her cooperating with Ana in the future... edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: DeepDark replied to endsoftime on the page linked, yup! edit delete reply
Arbiter: Who are ends' 'accomplices'? Is ends part of the Conspiracy of Readers? Because if so, that means they could be... us.
Seabiscuit: Haha, yeah, Ends was another reader that messaged GOO~ (Omfg, I can't WAIT to see his response to THIS... :'D) edit delete reply
Dellis: Agh, don't! That's gonna have the opposite effect! We SHOULND'T be able to know what happened to endsoftime, if we message GOO about that it means we're his accomplices, or otherwise are able to see logs we shouldn't be able to see, either way he bans us! It's gonna attract attention to the Vague Omnipresent Council! We're in danger! xD edit delete reply
Arbiter: /message GodsOfOlympus Oh, hehe, whoops, did I send that message to you? Oh jeez, this is embarrassing. I meant to send it to somebody else but I, uh, typoed the username! I'm sorry to have wasted your valuable time, I'm sure you're busy doing important things that I would have no way of knowing about!

Don't worry, Dellis. We're safe now. Gods suspects nothing. edit delete reply
Dellis: I sure hope that last line with my name on it was not part of the /message, or we're down three men in the conspiracy in two days time xD edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Don't worry, I'm not that evil. Also, you're needed on the forum. edit delete reply
Dellis: @Xeno - at your orders! ^^ edit delete reply
Arbiter: For what it's worth, when I was typing that, I deliberately put my response to you, Dellis, on a separate line, complete with a break. The break vanishes when you post though. edit delete reply
Dellis: I know, I noticed, I was just trying to make a joke, don't worry^^ edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: New theory: This admin=Athena! edit delete reply
Dellis: That's a good theory! It's now my bet too. Gonna check if the admin started appearing before or after @hena creation. (Even though with time-traveling, checking causality might not be a definitive proof). edit delete reply
KittenLicks: "Gods is definitely moving to purge me from his systems"
This takes on a whole new meaning then. edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: "Oh, I am having so much fun with this fucking comic." ~Xeno edit delete reply
SansOfTheUnderground: /message GodsOfOlympus uh. you're probably too busy to answer, but why did endsoftime get banned? we were, uh, sorta online friends? but they disappeared about a week ago... edit delete reply
Seabiscuit: "Give me a good crackship."

"Pancake and Pwnz, all of the Pwnzes, at once!"

"Becky, that's orgies"

"No, it's polygamy!"

"Which tends to lead to orgies, I'm not wrong."

...Chats with Xeno are the best~ edit delete reply
Xenocartographer: Well, I do write a comic about such things...~ edit delete reply
KittenLicks: About polygamy and orgies?

..does this comic have hidden pages I don't know about? o: edit delete reply
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